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What is a SAFC 2 tuner? 0:09 Wideband lambda sensors to know your AFRs (Air Fuel Ratios) 0:28 Logworks datalogging - Left side is TPS voltage, high voltage = full throttle. Yes, it works for our car and with our ECU but the only problem is you can&39;t control the vtec with it. Manual Pdf, i have read online from the SAFC units required. A proper datalogger and looking at STFT will help here. However, to retain engine consistency and reliability, a rich air/fuel mixture should always be used. · Much like many of the automatic – manual conversions I’ve done, this is a fairly easy step.

Apexi Safc Wiring Diagram Sr20de safc neo manual For. Neo you will have to write your tunes down on paper and swith back to whatever gas you run manually. And Play harness WTB, the input, do when the problem is a correct terminal arrangement drawings. Discussion Starter • 1 • Feb 26. · I recently purchased an Apexi SAFC II from this website and found all the necessary instructions I needed from the Apexi USA website. Now, looking at the 1JZ-GTE ECU pinout diagram in the installation manual, it lists two RPM signals. And as im driving and with rpm&39;s increasing it still shows double in the neo. i haven&39;t seen any complaints about wiring for the i4&39;s w/ that diagram, but rather see more of the complaints from the v6 guys about wire color discrepancies.

By custom tuning your SAFC with the specific modifications you&39;ve installed, your engine can more efficiently take advantage of performance upgrades. 5M: pdf: Apexi V Afc Vtec Air Flow Controller Useful. A’PEXi S-AFC Installation Concept: Entry-level fuel computer designed to modify the air flow meter signal. you can tune out fuel just fine and dandy with an SAFC or a NEO. Apexi Safc neo wiring.

Apexi safc wiring diagram for supra mk2 base website co2phasediagram swakopmund museum de ma 5737 apex afc neo on a 1jz vafc 2 manual s afcii pdf manualslib mt 2728 product manuals knowledge bookmiata super install guide mx 5 forum ced library 4594ce resources ew 1280 Apexi Safc Wiring Diagram For Supra Mk2 Base Website. 1)Are there any real advantages in going with a NEO over the older SAFC. each car is different, this is for a hyundai tiburo. Neo, 401-A911/401-A913 is a used for the world famous super afc. The VPC runs fine w/out the SAFC installed.

DIY: APEXi SAFC Neo Wiring Diagram for 05-06 V6 DIY: - APEX&39;i SAFC Neo Wiring Diagram for 2. I am assuming that you have read (or at least skimmed) through the SAFC manual. Apexi Installtion Instruction Manual: S-AFC 2 / SUPER AIR FLOW CONVERTERⅡ WIRING DIAGRAM by THMotorsports safc neo manual in Types > Instruction manuals, Manual. Apexi SAFC 2 wiring diagram talon awd anyone know were i can find this at.

In the Settings Menu, go to Th-Point. The stoichiometric air/fuel mixture for internal combustion engines is 14. marked the 20th year for A’PEXi USA and the 26th year for the A’PEXi Group of Companies. · afc neo - posted in Advanced Virtual Mechanic: I have an safc-neo(reflashed). ^ It&39;s a toss up pick one Neo has 16 points Rpm Tuning SAFC Rpm point&39;s But has 2 maps and is lockable. super airflow converter.

9M: pdf: Apexi Safcii 2 Ecu Instruction Manual English: 1. Since the act of simply bolting on performance products does not make horsepower, the AFC allows the user to calibrate the fuel system in accordance with performance upgrades as they are. We carry BorgWarner, Garrett, Precision Turbo, Turbonetics, and many others. I have one im trying to wire to my B13,and on the forum and in the manual it has a yellow wire and. Mar 16, · Re: DIY: APEXi SAFC Neo Wiring Diagram for V6 Sorry for bumping such an old thread, but i have a question.

Though professional dyno tuning is always ideal for best results, the Apexi SAFC&39;s tuning interface allows virtually any user to take advantage of its performance potential. When you wire the NEO in, you will be able to adjust the lo throttle position to fool your PCM into thinking that the MAF is reading less air, which in turn will lean your car out. We do install several AFC NEO’s and while it works fine on this vehicle, there are some limitations you need to be aware of. Set the corresponding items by referring to page 13 in the Chapter pertaining to “Initial Setup” in the separate Instruction Manual with regard to the initial setup method. What are the advantages of using a SAFC?

8M: pdf: Apexi R Fit Nissan Wiring Diagrams Japanese: 109. Installing an Apexi SAFC device on your vehicle can substantially increase the horsepower potential of your engine. Please read this owner’s manual (hereafter“the manual”) carefully so that you will be able to use the product correctly.

Installation Manual We, APEXERA, are greatly thankful to you for selecting the AFC neo (product code: 401-A917: hereafter“the product”). The A&39;PEXi SAFC 2 is an electronic fuel-tuning device used to optimize the air-to-fuel ratio in modified engines. Considered a piggyback tuner, the SAFC 2 connects into the engine control unit, or ECU, and modifies the oxygen sensor signal according to your custom settings.

Basically you wan the SAFC to turn on with the engine off, so that you can set the initial SAFC settings without accidentally screwing up the engine. 5SE 5sp - *New* TSECU - JWT/LWF - BBMAF - Port Matched Manifolds - APEXI NEO - LC1 - UDP - SSAC - 2. The tuning points are for the fuel curve.

No related manuals, The repair manuals, or if anyone know on the SAFC 1 wiring onan charging system. 117000dsafc neo installing issues sfacii gs400 ecu, image source: www. Apexi neo manual. This is a brief video showing how to setup and tune with an Apexi SAFC-II. Use your data-logger or air/fuel ratio gauge notes to determine SAFC tuning. the problem is that the computer sees less air then it really is flowing. · Re: SAFC NEO As taken from Apexi-usa.

Page 10 ECU Arrangement Drawing Perform operations by referring to the symbols in the corresponding columns of the tables of applicable models on and after page 12. The Apexi SAFC II only has one RPM signal wire (the green. Jan 29, · Re: Apexi SAFC/NEO wiring diagrams for both I4 and V6 the one up top should be all you need for an i4. Tacomas & 4Runners - Apexi Safc/ Safc ii wiring diagram - I tried googling for a while now on anyone that has wired a safc. Just for clarification. APEXI S-AFCII (SAFC 2 WIRING DIAGRAM Pdf Download. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 3 of 3 Posts. The AFC neo is a sub-computer in which the airflow sensor signal or the pressure sensor signal can be modified to increase/decrease fuel for each engine revolution.

. What is Apexi SAFC? I&39;d like to be able to install the NEO. 7L V6 GT Limited Automatic - Mods: Alpine Stage 1, DC Sports Headers, Injen CAI, Greddy Evo II Exhaust, Mishimoto Oil Catch Can, WeaponR Engine Damper, Eibach Sportline Lowering Springs. sales & supportmonday to friday from 10am to 5pm (est). The vtec feature on the neo doesn&39;t work with i-vtec so we just can&39;t change the vtec engage point but other than that the monitoring and tuning part works for tweeking the air fuel mixture with the throttle pressure for each 1000x rpm or by increments of 500 rpms. The Apexi AFC Neo incorporates functions from both the older S-AFC and V-AFC into a single unit with a range of new features and compact design. Has anyone installed one of the new neo&39;s.

Founded in Japan in 1992, A’PEXi has grown from just a small tuning parts manufacturer to a multi-industry international powerhouse. View and Download APEXi S-AFCII (SAFC 2 instruction manual online. pdf apexi safc ii wiring diagrams and manual - nissan forum so i bought an apexi safc ii awhile back and i tried finding a correct wiring diagram but so many are wrong and none match i have a 1993 nissan 240sx hatch manual if you can give me a link to the correct wiring for it that would be. 5" Catback - Magnaflow 27X6" - Stillen Exhaust - NWP BOP - Dyno Graph before/after APEXI NEO tune *OLD* Saturday and Sunday Sonic Blue Mustang Cobra SVT 468HP, 475TQ.

Also for: S-afcii. 1k: pdf: Apexi Afc Neo Installation Manual: 3M: pdf: Apexi Afc Neo Ecu Wiring Diagrams All Models Instructions: 1. Please keep the manual in a. How to stack piggy back, small front mount, and modifies the web site. By editing the ECU&39;s stock fuel curves via the oxygen sensor signal, the Apexi SAFC can fine-tune a stock engine to make more power. THIS IS NOT EVERYTHING!

safc neo manual If you need further adjustment, you should go back to Enthalpy and have him change the tune rather than you trying to hack up the author’s work by moving around the load point with SAFC. The ECU compensates for these settings with an increase or decrease in fuel injection. pimpinitout · Registered. com - Completely new case design - Compact design - Incorporates both AFC and VAFC functions in one unit - 16 point fuel correction - Color FED display - User defined button and background colors - Inverted "anti-glare" screen. And am having some problems with the RPM signal to the neo. The AFC Neo is designed to fine tune and "squeeze" power out of existing engine setups by allowing the user to modify the fuel curve with precision accuracy. When installing the AFC neo, both this document and the Instruction Manual are required. See more results.

You should not pass the MAF wire input into the SAFC but rather just tap it for read out. Apexi Rsm Rev Speed Meter Round Button Manual Russian: 9. The problem that im having is that the RPM shown on the neo is practically doubled to where it is showing on the original tach in the car when the neo is set to 4 cyl. · The age of piggyback computers has definitely passed us, but for cheap reliable tuning the SAFC NEO works fairly well with the SRT-4, especially given it’s Manifold Absolute Pressure (MAP) setup. Also can be used instead of the GCC for finer control of your VPC. Buy direct from Japan, 100% genuine parts shipped worldwide. com hks gcc manual 03, image source: mifinder. For the operating method and precautions for the AFC neo, refer to the Instruction Manual.

S-AFCII (SAFC safc neo manual 2 Medical Equipment pdf manual download. there&39;s really no easy way to tune this out using a. What is the SAFC tuning ratio?

Use the SAFC for read out functionality. Aftermarket performance products. When I install your product, my Rev Limit drops BELOW the factory Rev Limter Setting. Does the SAFC and Neo work for theNon-Turbo Eclipse This entry was posted in Electronics, AFC NEO, SAFC and tagged safc, eclipse, neo on Septem by admon.

Even if anyone know were i can find a Apexi SAFC II Super Airflow Converter. which in turn causes knock. This allows for higher horsepower numbers, as well as smoother, more reliable engine operation. SUPER AIRFLOW CONVERTER The Super AFC also allows for two different maps according to load. . We, are incorrect instructions then you tell the SAFC units required just trying to use the Apexi NEO, Marketing Mix and Traffic.

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